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24 Passenger Executive Mini-Coach


Our 35ft motorcoaches are larger and more luxurious than a low-floor (20-30ft van frame) mini-bus, are extremely versatile, and perfect for smaller groups traveling across town or across country in superior comfort. Providing the accommodation ride-quality of a full-sized coach, this bus is perfect for trips for groups of 39 passengers or less. 

All 35ft mini-motorcoaches are identical on the outside, but have 4 different seating configuration options on the inside:


  • 29 passengers + extra legroom (34"-37") + club seats (8 of 29 seats) + storage for up to 65 standard rolling suitcases

  • 35 passengers + storage for up to 50 standard suitcases

  • 37 passengers + restroom + storage for up to 25 standard suitcases

  • 39 passengers + 11 Recaro® standee straps (up to 50 passengers) + storage for up to 25 standard suitcases (note: company policy only allows standees on shuttle contracts - 5 miles or less)

ALL 35ft buses feature: reclining airline-style seating, 'frameless' tinted windows, under-cabin baggage bays, padded overhead racks, free Wi-Fi, heavy bus suspension/axle system  (5,000lbs of additional payload vs. standard 35ft bus) and an unparalleled smooth ride.

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